Our grid tariffs

By operating efficiently and keeping costs down, BKK Nett has one of the country's lowest grid tariffs. Our goal is to have the most stable grid tariff as possible for our customers.

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The grid tariff you pay covers the operation and maintenance of the electricity grid, and consists of a fixed annual amount and a variable part that depends on consumption. More than half of the grid tariff consists of fees to the authorities.

The grid tariff for private customers consists of two parts:
Fixed annual amountNOK 2,050
Variable, consumption-dependent part (January - March)32,89 øre/kWh
Variable, consumption-dependent part (April - December)41.01 øre/kWh

For customers without an electricity supplier

In order that you are not without electricity during the period before you have entered into a contract with an electricity supplier, as a grid company we are required by the authorities to supply electricity to you through an agreement called a statutory obligation.

The statutory obligation agreement is a temporary arrangement for you, and the price for this electricity supply is regulated by the authorities to be higher than that offered by electricity suppliers. We would therefore recommend that you enter into a contract.

The price for electricity under the statutory obligation agreement is equal to the monthly average spot price + a surcharge of 6.25 øre/kWh incl. VAT. After six weeks, the surcharge increases to 12.50 øre/kWh incl. VAT. A surcharge will also apply due to the electricity certificate scheme.

If you receive electricity through our statutory obligation agreement, you should choose a power supplier from the list of active power suppliers in BKK's network area as soon as possible.

You can compare the prices for different electricity contracts with the individual power suppliers by using the Norwegian Consumer Council's Electricity Price Calculator.

Facility closure

If you need to temporarily close a facility, a fee of NOK 2,000 must be paid if the re-opening of the facility takes place less than one year after it was closed. Facilities that are to remain closed for more than one year are closed and opened at no charge.

Grid tariff contract for private customers

Your rights and obligations related to the customer relationship with us are stipulated in two nationwide standard contracts negotiated by the industry organisation Energi Norge. There are different terms and conditions for private and business customers, and the terms describe both the duties and rights you have as an electricity grid customer.

BKK Nett uses Energi Norge's standard contract for grid tariffs, power supply and connection for both private and business customers.

You can find the contract here.